Autism Unlocked

Our goal for our Autism Unlocked is for users to learn to become more independent.  Autism Unlocked has created a learning experience for ALL users to participate while gaining independence.  Autism Unlocked believes it is important for all users to understand how to work towards a reward.  Learning the concept of "first then" is key to becoming independent. 

Autism Unlocked has created a unique platform for having users complete specific learning activities before they are rewarded.  Parents and teachers will have control over what learning has to occur before the user is able to unlock our fun page.  Since each user has unique and diverse learning needs we have created a leveling system.  Teachers and parents will be able to input specific levels or a specific amount of time to complete before the user unlocks the fun page.  Teachers or parents can set higher or lower goals depending on each user’s needs.  Autism Unlocked will track users participation to help teachers and parents evaluate progress and set appropriate goals.  The leveling system is easy to use and helps create an unique experience for each user.  

The leveling system is a unique system created to maximize the users learning experience.  The leveling system will help motivate users to complete learning activities efficiently.  Best of all the leveling system will give parents and teachers ultimate control of the users activity. 

The leveling system will allow teachers and parents to determine the appropriate level of difficulty.  Teachers and parents will have access to progress and data collected from the leveling system.  Parents and teachers can use the data to determine how the students are progressing. 

Some users will progress towards indpendence faster than others.  The ultimate goal is for a parent or teacher to help set up the programs for users, and then the user play the program with no help.  For users who need help, start with users playing small amounts of Talk to Learn and larger amounts of fun time.  As the user becomes more independent decrease fun time and increase Talk to Learn time.  Some users may have difficulty typing or using the mouse.  These users can earn fun time for improving mouse skills or typing skills.  We also have some typing games available for users to play.   

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us by using the contact button.