Autism Unlocked

We are very excited to launch the site and show the world Talk to Learn.  After launch we will be working hard to keep adding new programs to the learning side of the site.  Currently we are working on adding some typing games and mouse skills games.  For some of our users keyboarding skills and mouse skills may be a barrier to independently playing Talk to Learn.  Our goal is for all users to become as independent as possible while using our site. 

Over the next year we are also working on a first of it's kind social script library.  Users will be able to view a variety of videotaped and animated functional skills.  The concept for the social script library is for students to watch specific scripts and then take a short quiz after each script.  Teachers and parents will have the ability to set what scripts users watch before they unlock the fun zone.  

My concept for the social script theater is simple.  I want to fill the theater will day to day activities that ASD individuals have a hard time understanding.  Hopefully some day the theater will have 1000's of clips for users to view!  The user can select a specific clip to watch,  after watching the clip once, the clip will then play again paired with sound and text, finally it will have a short multiple choice quiz after the clip.  My concept is to have users watch a skill done the right way.  Just some thoughts for the future

Below you can preview two clips:  One clip is under "around the house" the other clip is under "emotions."  Enjoy and please send me some feedback.  

Social Stories Theater