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November 20, 2012, 12:00 am

Why Autism Unlocked works and who it will work for? 

I believe is very difficult to get numerous repetitions by teaching conversation skills in a natural setting.  I know from first hand experience how difficult it can be to teach conversation skills in a school setting.  A teacher can set up times to practice conversation skills, typically requiring other students, and other adults to assist.  A student may get 10-20 repetitions of practice in a day is NOT enough repetition.  1,000-10,000+ repetitions are what we NEED to be teaching. 

I have been gathering feedback from members who purchased and used Talk to Learn.  Some of the feedback I have received has been the levels are too easy or the format is too simple.  I then ask is the client able to have spontaneous responses to conversation in a natural setting?  The answer is typically no.  So, if a client is able to complete basic conversation skills on Talk to Learn, it’s a good thing, but they need to keep practicing.  If a client is able to independently complete a level they need to continue to practice until spontaneous conversation is achieved.  I believe clients who are unable to have spontaneous conversation need to practice conversation skills at least 1,000 times.  Talk to Learn will condition clients to eventually be able to have spontaneous conversation skills.  So long story short, yes it is a very basic conversation simulation, but hopefully it is a fun way to get lots of practice.    

Autism Unlocked designed Talk to Learn (a conversation simulation game) as a tool to give users the opportunity to practice basic conversation skills.  It is my belief that many individuals with ASD that struggle with basic conversation skills need to practice, lots and lots of practice and repetitions.  The repetitions needed to learn basic conversation skills may be anywhere from 1,000-10,000+ repetitions.  Yes, as many as 10,000+ repetitions just learn very basic conversation skills.  The lower the functioning of an individual will lead to needing more repetitions.  So who are these individuals that need these repetitions?  The target client I am seeking out:
• Any individual that has major delays with conversation or are just learning conversation skills
• Clients that are not reciprocating basic conversation spontaneously to familiar and unfamiliar people.
• Individuals on the mid to lower end of the ASD spectrum
• Individuals with Cognitive Impairments who have difficulty with basic conversation skills
• Early Childhood programs or any 2-4 year who is wanting to practice conversation or typing skills
• Individuals who need to learn basic typing keyboarding/typing skills


We hope to have new versions with different levels out soon and we will continue to add to the fun zone!  
Enjoy and please leave us some comments.


December 21, 2012 9:27am

For children with autism and their families, to help with education at home and autism related issues.

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