Autism Unlocked

January 27, 2014, 12:00 am

What is Autism Unlocked?  Autism Unlocked is an animated conversation game.  The game asks a question and the user has to type back the answer.  The game starts with very basic conversation questions asking, for example:  hello, how are you, how old are you, where do you go to school, etc.  The user has to answer by typing back the answer but will be given hints if they are unable. When the user completes a pre-set amount of levels they earn time in our fun zone for reward!  Our animations are very motivating and our fun zone is loaded with videos, games, music and art pads.


How Autism Unlocked can work for you?  First, this program was designed with students who are limited verbally to nonverbal.  I teach in a self-contained ASD classroom and my goal was to create a program to reach this population.  So, the program is ideal for individuals who need help with learning basic conversation skills.  If the individual cannot type, this program can still be very useful.  We have got a lot of great feedback about how our program is teaching individuals to type. 


I wanted a program that was flexible for the many unique needs of my individual students.  The challenge to be flexible enough to teach new skills, only when the student is ready, is what I envisioned.  Some students are ready to skip the introductory levels while others will spend months learning to type “hello or hi” independently.  To solve this complex problem we created a "leveling system."  The leveling system allows adults to customize each program to meet specific needs!  The leveling system is very powerful because it will deliver reinforcement at the correct time, students can work on specific conversation or typing skills, and all of this will help students to be motivated to learn.  Yes, the students will be having fun while they learn.  Students ask to play the program!


So how does this actually work?  Log into the website and set up an account for your student.  Set up a custom program depending on the needs of the student (the website will walk you thru setting up a custom program).  For example:  a student that cannot type and needs 1:1hand over hand assistance should start on level 1 and only be required to do a few levels before earning Fun time / reward time.


Decrease the demand and increase the motivation until more independence is seen. 


With students who are non-verbal and need help typing, repetition is NEEDED!  Our program has a function where you can set up a"loop" to provide maximum repetition.  A loop will have the student complete required levels then complete their fun time, then the program will start up again with learning. 


For students who are verbal the program can be customized to meet their needs.  A student may need practice on higher conversation skills.  A custom program can be set to skip to the appropriate level to target specific skills.  For example:  student will start at level 10 and complete thru level 20 before earning fun time! 


Click here to see the levels of our program:


Click here to see a short video of the program:

Click here to see a in depth walk thru of the program:


Our program reaches a wide variety of individuals in a unique format.  For a limited time we are offering single memberships for only $5.99 or classroom subscriptions start at $9.99.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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