Autism Unlocked

February 3, 2014, 12:00 am

Autism Strategy for the home – setting up consistency, routines, and structure are all a MUST to stay sane at home.  Honestly, our children need these things to stay sane at home.  How do you set up consistency, routines, and structure without driving yourself insane!?  Start simple by setting up 1 structured activity per day even if the activity only lasts 1 minute or less, it’s a start. 

Parents ask what activities should I do with my child or I don’t know what to do?  My first suggestion is to make the activity fun and make sure you pick an activity that is of high interest to the child.  A lot of children are interested in computers or ipads so try to utilize this interest into your activity.  Try to find some learning games, games that practice counting, language skills, reading skills etc.  Use the resource guide on Autism Unlocked:  Two of the programs on our resource guide Reading Eggs and Raz Kids are reading programs that offer free trials.  Both programs are great ways to teach a wide variety of reading levels and skills.  Go to the app store for your tablet and you download a zillion free apps that teach all kinds academic skills.  Pick one or two times a day and sit down and start doing these programs for 1,5,10,15 minutes or more.  After a lot of practice these programs can be played independently by the user. 

Autism Unlocked was also designed to keep users engaged so they can play independently.  Games that reward users for their participation are very powerful!  Having students work towards a reward teaches them how to become more independent.  Seek out games and activities and set up some structured time and I guarantee you will see improved behavior at home!

Use our resource guide and build a library of programs and then you can use them thru out the week. I recommend 2-3 different programs so your child isn’t getting bored but you want to be careful not to introduce too much too soon.  For example:  Monday, Wednesdays play Autism Unlocked – Tuesday Thursdays play Reading Eggs – Fridays play Raz kids. 

For a limited time Autism Unlocked  is only $5.99 so please consider becoming a member.  If you have any questions please contact us.

 Other quality programs like Reading Eggs cost more but have more content on their sites.  Also, don’t forget to check out free programs!       

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