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December 16, 2013, 12:08 pm

ASD and a successful holiday break? A few EASY strategies to try over break.


Does the thought of a 2 week vacation raise your anxiety? If it is beginning to raise your anxiety, I can guarantee individuals with ASD are feeling the same, if not more anxiety. Deviating from the normal M-F “school” schedule can be difficult but lets manage it!


First, maintaining a schedule and a routine is A MUST! A lot of parents are over whelmed with setting up and implementing new schedules. HINT: you don't need to start and implement new routines! While your children are away M-F at school, teachers have developed structured routines at school. Talk with your school and figure out what your child's daily routine looks like and try to mimic the routine at home. I know it's hard to replicate school routines but find out specifically what time your child usually eats breakfast, snack, outside time, play time, choice time, lunch, rest time etc. Try replicate the “normal” routine as much as possible. Find out what kinds and brands of snacks are offered at school, specific times, read the same books, do the same crafts, the more familiar you can make routines the better.


I know replicating school at home is next to impossible, but do what you can! What about family get togethers, parties, or other “off schedule” activities. Remember to have a plan and make a schedule if possible. Talk about when and what parties are happening in advance and make social stories if possible.


MOST IMPORTANT – if your anxiety is UP, your child's anxiety will be way UP!


Hopefully this helps a little! Have a great anxiety free Christmas, or at least a Christmas with less anxiety!


Please check out our resource page for some great structured activities that can be implemented at home.

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